Dolly's Story

Is there really a Dolly?  There sure is!!


Dolly Pesik (Peh-shick) lived in this house until she was 91, before selling it and moving into an apartment in Kendall. Fiercely independent, Dolly always had a large vegetable garden and lots of flower beds to tend, a large raspberry patch to pick, a big ol' lawn to keep up and her .410 gun to get rid of varmints.


Dolly remembers well when the trains flew past her house and rattled everything inside. When asked why she built so close to the former Chicago & Northwestern Railroad tracks, now the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail.  Dolly explains that the house was built in 1856, some 17 years before the railroad line came through Kendall.


Dolly and her husband purchased the 60-acre farm and the 2-story farmhouse in 1957 with the intention of farming. But they abandoned that idea early on due to her husband's allergies. They kept the house and one acre, but sold the farmland surrounding it to us in 1982, shortly after Bill and I were married.

So when the opportunity came almost 30 years later to put the farm back together, we jumped at the chance.  Then we wondered what we were going to do with Dolly's house. We had built our own log house across the road some 15 years prior. But we loved the charm and history of the 150-year-old farmhouse, and decided after making some modern updates to open Dolly's house as a vacation home.


Dolly has been out to her long-time home and has given her approval to the changes we've made.  Although she wasn't too pleased that we took out the raspberry patch to make room for parking. She was glad, however, that we left the chimney in the upstairs bedroom because then she could show us exactly where she shot an invading squirrel with her .410.  Dolly's Pedalers Rest opened in August 2007.  Where you'll find pure country is at its natural best!"

Bill  &  Mary Jo Hill