Frequently  Asked  Questions

We often get asked these questions when our visitors are inquiring about staying with us!

How far is the Dolly's from the Bike Trail?

  •  About the same distance as going to your mailbox.  We are ON the trail.

How far is it to the Bike Tunnel?

  •  The closest railroad tunnel is just over 2.5 miles away by bike.

How close is Dolly's to Kendall & other nearby Towns & Cities?

  • Kendall: 1 mile

  • Elroy: 7 miles

  • Wilton: 9 miles

  • Mauston: 17 miles

  • Tomah: 14 miles

  • Wisconsin Dells: 40 miles

What do I need to bring on my Trip?

  • Bring towels, soaps (face & laundry), personal care items, food, drinks, bikes, sleds & charcoal.  We provide dish soap.

  •  Yes, plenty of room.

Is there room to park a Trailer?

  •  No, not even at an additional charge.

Are Pets allowed?

Yes, with limitations.  We have plenty of pasture and water adjacent to the house.  You must bring your own portable fencing and horses must stay in the fenced area unless transported. Horses may not be on any of the lawn mowed area around the house. Any harvestable fields are off-limits to horses.

  • Horses will be charged at the rate of $10 per night.

  • There is no horse shelter.

  • There are local veterinarian services available upon need.

  • Call 608-463-7653 for additional horse related questions.


HORSE TRAILS: We are 15 minutes from the Wildcat Mountain State Park which has some of the best horse trails in the state. We expect to have horse trails on adjoining lands soon. The nearby Kickapoo Valley Reserve also has horse trails.

Are Horses allowed?

  • We hope you do and enjoy the splendor of nature surrounding Dolly's Pedaler's Rest.  However, there are not any groomed paths, only deer trails. Be cautious. 

Can we walk in the Woods?

  • Please observe fence lines and do not trespass “over” them.

  • Please leave the woods and its fragile environment as is and leave nothing but footprints behind.

  • Be an observer. Do not try to approach deer or other wildlife. Watch and learn.

  • Enter the woods with caution. There are lots of rocks, trees, hills, steep banks and natural stumbling blocks, so please go slowly.

  • No jumping off rocks and boulders.

  • Understand that you are liable for yourself and your children.

Are there any Rules when walking in the Woods?